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You'll get a PDF file with 101 ChatGPT prompts based on the best practices of LinkedIn profile optimization. It's a one-time payment, and free upgrades are included.


1️⃣ Choose a Prompt

Choose from 101 prompts covering all LinkedIn areas: from CV summaries and cover letters to connection and recommendation requests.


2️⃣ Copy-Paste it in ChatGPT

All prompts are copy-paste ready. The prompts contain a complex description of how the output text should look in the sense of style, structure, and content.


3️⃣ Add Your Data

Enter your data, such as your CV or job role. Run the AI process, and you'll get a unique text that follows the best LinkedIn practices and is based on your data.

👋 How Does It Work?

Watch how you can create a well-written request for a LinkedIn recommendation from your client using our ChatGPT prompts ⬇️


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What People Are Saying

Compare The Results

Our prompts are engineered following the best practices of writing LinkedIn content.
That's why the output texts are way more effective than regular prompts.
Let's generate LinkedIn profile headlines in ChatGPT and compare the outputs.

Simple Prompt Output ➡️

Let's say you are a Software Developer.
We have entered a simple prompt to generate a LinkedIn headline:
Generate LinkedIn Headline for my CV:
--The CV text--

We've got this output.

In practice, it's just a mess of information that doesn't work to attract recruiters.
Some people feel frustrated now:
Hey, this AI is not so intelligent!
But it's all about the prompt.

101 Prompts Output ➡️

Now, let's try our prompt №26 to generate a headline using the proven type of headline structure:
Current Position at Current Company – HYSO*
*HYSO is for How You Stand Out, meaning what makes you different from other candidates and what you are good at.

Here is the output from the same CV.
It's clear, short, and straight to the point.

101 Prompts Creative Output ➡️

If you are looking for a headline with a creative pitch, try our prompt №31.

Multi-Language Support

Our prompts are created in English; however, you can easily use them in any language ChatGPT supports.
Simply add this phrase at the beginning of the prompt:
Give answers in the /Enter Your Language/ language.

Learn Promptcraft

Our prompts are written in the regular English language so that you can easily understand and modify prompts to your tasks.
You can use many of the prompts from this guide for other tasks with a few changes in the prompt.
For instance, our comment-writing prompts work well for Facebook and other social media.

Why ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a free AI chatbot that can assist you in practically every task, from copywriting to generating ideas.
You only need a correct and well-written prompt - the command you pass to AI.
Using the right prompts, you can get the desired result without being frustrated over generic AI output.
This simplicity of accessing one of the most powerful AI technologies has brought ChatGPT 100 000 000 users within two months of its launch.
Millions of professionals, just like you, are already using ChatGPT daily. We engineer prompts that help them to get the maximum out of AI technologies.


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